Monday, October 3, 2011

Sacassus Creek

One of the unique things about this creek is the illusion it gave me while walking to our destination for our night shots. The creek bed seemed to be dry, with signs of passing rain but no trickling water as a creek should have. Was the rainfall amount enough to sustain these water plants for however long they have been here? After a long night of shooting the night sky, I decided to walk up the creek and explore early the next morning. I didn't have to go very far from where we had setup camp, not even 20 yards, to find out part of my answer. A small freshwater spring along the bank ran along the bed and then disappeared back into the bank. I then walked back towards camp following a damp looking sand on the edges of the creek bed and noticing the plants I was curious about. I noticed that in some areas of the creek's bed my feet were not sinking as much as in other places. This is when i decided to do a little dig-test. I dug my hands into the sand and felt a moisture not 3-4 inche deep. I dug 3-4 inches more and noticed a small puddle of water merging.