Sunday, June 10, 2012

As I made my way back from a morning hike I came across a small garter snake with this little green tree frog halfway down it's throat. I must have scared the serpent enough to make it go into self defense mode, flipping, twisting and turning, spitting the frog out and slithering back into the mixed grass prairie. I named the frog, "Almost".

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sounds and things...

The warmth of the sun had not yet filtered through the trees that make up Wilderness Park. The distant echo of a woodpecker thumping away on a cottonwood tree gave the park an empty, yet erie feeling. As I made my way to the trailhead, I remembered the rumors of a mountain lion sighting this past summer. I Immediately dialed in my camera to the right setting for the light conditions just in case...most people would stop and rethink the hike. All that could think of was, "I better get the shot". But as I made my way across the creek running parallel to the park my thoughts were distracted by  a group of deer feeding not too far from the path. The brush was thick enough that they blended into the tall grass making them visible only by their white tails. I snapped a photo or two and went on my search of a good photo opp. After about a 15 minute walk a came to the edge of a cliff overlooking the creek and set up my tripod. I could hear the hoot of a barred owl not too far away - "whooo whooo cooks for you". A call I have come to know fairly well. It seemed as though the sun was taking it's time rising this morning. The wind was light but brisk out of the NW. As I was focusing my camera to the landscape I heard voices and what seemed to be the sound of dog tags and collars. Sure enough around the turn came 5-6 runners with 6-7 dogs. My quest to photograph any more wildlife that morning ended as the dogs sniffed their way up and down the trials. It was a good early morning hike.

Saturday, January 7, 2012