Saturday, November 5, 2011

Short Hike at Jack Sinn WMA

I decided to drive to the Jack Sinn WMA, just south of Ceresco, for a short scout/hike. I have driven past it several times on hwy 77 but never really had a chance to stop until today. As I drove around for a place to park, I noticed a few vehicles pulled over on the side of the road along the stretch of the wetland which instantly reminded me that hunting season was in full swing. So i was a bit weary about wandering out too far into the tall grass and cattails knowing that hunters would be out.
I found a small dirt parking lot right next to the hiking path that led right into the wetland on the West side. I didn't have much time so I scouted just the West side fairly quickly until I ran into Derrald Farnsworth-Livingston, a wildlife/nature photographer based out of Omaha. It's always good to see and meet photographers out in the field. I hope to come out more often within the next few weeks/months for some winter photographs.