Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New home for an "old" friend

As Dr. Beachly, Biologist-Hastings College, and I made our way across the little blue stem prairie field we came upon a hidden gravel path going into a woodsy part of the land. Cedars, Mulberry and oak trees created a canopy. Bike tracks and a small kids play table sat in one area and a kid-made wooden bridge on the other. As I was looking at this bridge I felt like something was looking at me, but not sure what... the hair on my arms stood up as if I were getting a chill. I stood still and saw movement.
It had been at least 3 weeks since i had seen the groundhog at the den with its young pup on the other side of the property. My eyes focused on fresh, dug out, dirt from the side of the bank and beside that an opening, approx. 1ft wide, and sitting right in the middle was my 'old' friend the groundhog. I call her my old friend because she is the first animal I came across when I first started photographing here.