Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Under the layer

As I hiked my way through the knee deep snow drifts to check the trail cam I had set out for a photo project I've been working on, I started thinking about the new year. The snow drift was a good 2-2.5 feet deep when I first started out, expecting it to be this way for the next mile and a half. But after every 5-10 feet it all changed. One moment I would be on solid ground, able to see my snow shoes, and the next I would be struggling to lift my foot from being sunk in deep enough to make it a workout. This is pretty much how it was roundtrip. It reminded me of how a new year starts, ready to take on the world with a fresh start but not really knowing what to expect. Highs, lows and how we respond to those fluctuations determine how our year results. Kind of like a hike. As I made my way back I stopped and took scenic images of the trees and landscape but what really caught my eye were the remnants of brush that covered the now dry pond. It also made me think of what might be under this fresh layer of snow, what will this new year bring?